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Monday, 30 October 2017

List of Top 8 Stand Up Comedians in India who makes you laugh

Top Stand Up Comedians in India: Nowadays in India Stand Up Comedy has become trend there are many stand up comedians from all over from India. Here in this post, we have given some of the best and top Stand Up Comedians in India. After short films and web series Stand Up Comedy is the only way to entertain us. In many Cities, organisers are conducting Stand Up Comedy Shows and in youtube Stand Up Comedy has got a good search from last 6 months not only youtube every stand up comedy artist has there owned web page in which we can get all their comedy videos and there is another site Smashplex in which we can search all the artist comedy shows at one place.

List of Top 8 Stand Up Comedians in India who makes you laugh:

Are you searching for Top Stand Up Comedians in India then you have come to right place here we have listed some of the best top  Stand Up Comedians in India. 
  1. Aditi Mittal
  2. Kenny Sebastian
  3. Zakir Khan
  4. Abish Mathew
  5. Varun Thakur
  6. Biswa Kalyan
  7. Atul Khatri
  8. Daniel Fernandes
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Aditi Mittal:

Stand Up Comedians in India
Aditi Mittal

Aditi Mittal is one of the best Stand Up Comedians in India. Aditi Mittal was the first women to Participate in Stand Up Comedy Shows. She has occupied name in top 10 stand up comedians which were listed by Times of India. This is the 8th year for Aditi Mittal as Stand Up Comedian.

Kenny Sebastian:

Best Stand Up Comedians
Kenny sebastian

Kenny Sebastian had one more than 500 stand up comedy shows. He is not only Stand Up Comedian he had also directed around more than 20 short films and 2 featured movies. In Youtube, Kenny Sebastian had 500K followers and every video he gets more than 30 Million views.

Zakir Khan:

top List of Stand up Comedians in India
Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan is a well-known stand-up comedian in India. He has won Indian's Best Stand Up Comedian in a comedy competition organized by Comedy Central. Zakir Khan had also co-hosted AIB Comedy News channel. His comedy style was applauded in NDTV Prime's The Rising Stars of Comedy television show. If you want to see Zakir Khan Comedy Videos then visit our site.

Abish Mathew:

Funny Stand Up Comedians
Abish Mathew

Abish Mathew is a comedian who became popular by AIB. He has his own show in AIB that is Son of Abish. Not only in AIB he had done stand up comedies in many shows like East India Comedy and The Papa CJ Comedy Company.He had done many shows from new york to Holland. 

Varun Thakur:

 Comedians for stand up comedy in India
Varun Thakur

Varun Thakur is one of the finest Stand Up Comedian in India. He had done many shows and with one web series, he has known to the people. He had acted in a Web Series called Humorously yours produced by TVF.

Biswa Kalyan:

best comedians for stand up comedy
Biswa Kalyan

Biwa Kalyan Rath is Indian Stand Up Comedian he also acted in a web series Brahman Naman. he left his job in Oracle and started doing Comedy shows full time. 

Atul Khatri:

Top Stand up Comedy Artist
Atul Khatri

Atul Khatri is one of the most successful Stand-up Comedian in India. He is the only Indian Stand Up Comedian to perform in Hongkong International Comedy Festival. in 2012 he joined in East India company and in 2017 he came out from east India company. 

Daniel Fernandes:

new stand up comedy artist
Daniel Fernandes

Based in Mumbai, Daniel Fernandes regularly performs at comedy clubs including Canvas Laugh Club. He is one of the best stand up comedian who was being popular from last 2 stand up comedy shows. For more artists and stand up comedy videos follow Stand Up Comedy India

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